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Calm Nourish Thrive

Calm Nourish Thrive

Calm Nourish ThriveCalm Nourish ThriveCalm Nourish Thrive


Therapeutic Massage


Facilitate the natural healing capabilities of your body, reduce stress and anxiety and target common problem areas with a relaxing but targeted massage. This is the perfect massage to unwind and relax but also focus on places where tension is held in the body.

Uses a variety of techniques including flowing strokes, gliding and acupressure. Pressure ranges from soft to firm.



Pregnancy massage is hugely beneficial to decrease stress, ease hip, back and groin pain and to assist with mother-baby connection. 

Suitable and safe during all trimesters and catered to your individual needs. 

Remedial Massage


A customised and targeted massage to treat injury, chronic pain and common aches and pains.

Various techniques may be applied including trigger point, deep tissue, cupping, myofascial tension technique and stretching.

Only available in 60 min treatment blocks.

Price List

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